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Welcome!Living Hands is dedicated to helping others who's life is limited by chronic pain. Through the skilled hands of our Massage Therapists many have enjoyed life with less pain, more energy, and a better well-being.
Living hands uses Integrated Therapeutic Massage Treatments to aid in Chronic issues such as low back pain, sciatic pain,"computer neck" & fibromyalgia.These treatments combine several techniques like Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial and Myoskeletal Release and more.
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Julie Spencer Living Hands
Certified Therapeutic and Geriatric Massage Therapist
Specializing in: Pain Management(Integrated Therapy /Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy)/ Senior Massage, Diabetic Massage Therapy /Whiplash Deep Tissue without/little pain.

Living Hands is a Respectable Company and does not tolerate inappropriate behavior before, during, or after massage sessions. This behavior will result in an immediate termination of the massage session and subject to legal action.

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